Whyte Series F - Fibre Optic Range

The Whyte Series F is a cutting-edge Fiber Integrated Reception System (IRS) revolutionizing TV signal distribution in large properties. Unlike traditional coaxial systems, it uses high-capacity fiber-optic cables for efficient transmission of TV, internet, and telecommunication services with clarity and speed. It ensures seamless delivery of multiple channels and high-speed internet to every endpoint, guaranteeing reliability, scalability, and future-proofing for modern connectivity needs.

Whyte Series A - Advanced Distribution Amplifier Range

A comprehensive range of RED compliant, professional Advanced Distribution Amplifiers with IRS Loop-through. This enables Whyte Series A Distribution Amplifiers to be connected directly to a Multiswitch subscriber output whereby the SAT and TERR/RADIO signals are passed through the Distribution Amplifier before terminating at the outlet plate. The TERR/RADIO signals are amplified before being distributed to the TERR & RADIO outlets.

Whyte Series A - MATV Compact Lanuch Amplifier Range

The Whyte Series A WLA115-C1 and WLA115-C3 are compact, energy-efficient MATV Launch Amplifiers designed for large-scale distribution systems. They excel in optimizing Terrestrial, DAB, and FM signal transmissions, ensuring robust performance and reliability across extensive MATV networks. Ideal for superior signal quality and seamless integration into MATV setups.

Whyte Series DRP - Remote Powered dSCR Multiswitch Range

The Whyte WSCR504RP is a remote powered dSCR multiswitch designed specifically for installations where no landlords power is available. The WSCR504RP retains all the features and performance of the conventional Series D range of dSCR multiswitches. These performance features easily facilitate the cascading of several units due the low loss trunks, TERR gain control and Pro-Tap.

Whyte Series D - dSCR Multiswitches Range

The Whyte dSCR series D Multiswitches enable seamless integration with conventional IRS systems due to their extremely low power consumption, low loss passive trunks and high gain terrestrial, make the new Series D range from Whyte the most versatile and easy to install dSCR Multiswitch range available.

Whyte Series 5 WB - Wideband IRS Range

The Whyte series 5 WB IRS Range features a 30dB and 17dB Launch Amplifier, 5 wire WB/Quattro Taps and Splitter all with Trunk EQ. Developed by Whyte Technologies, Trunk EQ is an inbuilt Trunk Equaliser that provides equal through loss at all frequencies between 290MHz – 2340MHz which results in no slope being introduced. Side push-fit connections enable ultra compact installation. Also part of the Wideband range are the Whyte Series D dSCR Multiswitches.

Whyte Series 5 - 5 Wire IRS Multiswitch Range

The Whyte Series 5 Multiswitch range is universally flexible and is designed to be used in small, medium to large Integrated Reception Systems (IRS). Whyte Multiswitches can be used as Standalone Multiswitches when powered directly via the 18V Auxiliary input by using a Whyte 0.8A Power Supply Unit (WPSU-0.8A).

Whyte Series 9 - 9 Wire IRS Multiswitch Range

Whyte Series 9 is a range of 9 wire line powered Cascading Multiswitches. This range comes fitted with Pro-tap Technology. Developed by Whyte Technologies, a Pro-Tap is an in-built “Protean Tap” which enables the installer to easily select input tap losses of 0-10dB or -20dB, whilst still maintaining a trunk through loss of only 4dB. IRS System pre-planning is virtually not required as tap loss settings are selected at the commissioning stage.

Whyte Series 17 - 17 Wire IRS Multiswitch Range

Whyte Series 17 is a range of 17 wire Cascading Multiswitches that combines up to 4 different satellites and Terrestrial TV/Radio. Series 17 Multiswitches can be used as standalone multiswitches when powered directly via the 18V Auxiliary input by using a Whyte 2.5A Power Supply Unit (WPSU-2.5A). This range comes fitted with Pro-tap Technology.

Whyte Series 5 Lite - Standalone Multiswitches Range

The Whyte Series 5 Lite Standalone Multiswitch range is designed for domestic installations as well as for small apartment blocks. The range is compatible with Quad and Quattro LNB’s and comes in sizes ranging from 8 Way to 32 Way. All of the Lite range Multiswitches come complete with a WP-08A PSU.

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