| Whyte Series 5 WT51-20

Whyte Series 5 Taps & Splitters are a range of 5 wire passive devices that distribute SAT and Terrestrial Signals. The range includes 1 way, 2 way and 3 way Taps with either a 10dB or 20dB tap off and a 2 way Splitter. For ease of installation, each Tap comes complete with a set of high quality colour coded 600mm F-type leads which enables the Multiswitches to be positioned either side of the Tap and to be orientated vertically or horizontally depending on available space.


Instruction Manual
Specification Sheet


Weight: 0.35 kg
Dimensions: 164 x 136 x 50 cm
Frequency: Satellite: 950-2150MHz, Terrestrial 47-790MHz
INPUTS (F-Type Connector): 4 SAT + 1 TERR
OUTPUTS (F-Type Connector): 2x1 Terrestrial, 2x4 Satellite
DC Pass Trunk To Tap: Satellite – HH & HL, Terrestrial – No
Fixed Slope Taps: Satellite: 4dB
Trunk Max Current Pass (per line): 2A
Insertion Loss Trunk: Satellite: 2+-2dB, Terrestrial: 2+-2dB
Insertion Loss Tap: Terrestrial: 20+-2dB, Satellite: 20+-2dB