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| WS 172 – 05 2-way Splitter

The Whyte Series 17 Splitter is a passive device designed to be used with the Whyte Series 17 IRS Multiswitch Range. The WS172-05 Splitter comes with 17 F-type Couplers for quick & easy insertion in to a cascade of Series 17 Multiswitches.


Instruction Manual
Specification Sheet


Weight: 1.26 kg
Dimensions: 278 x 278 x 44 cm
Frequency: Satellite: 950-2150MHz, Terrestrial 47-790MHz
INPUTS (F-Type Connector): 16 SAT + 1 TERR
OUTPUTS (F-Type Connector): 16 SAT + 1 TERR
DC Pass Input to Tap SAT : YES, TERR : NO
DC Pass Tap to Tap SAT : YES, TERR : NO
Insertion Loss Taps TERR : 3±2dB, Satellite: 4±2dB
Return Loss SAT : ≥10dB, TERR : ≥10dB
Isolation ≥28dB
Fixed Slope Taps (SAT) 4dB
Tap Max Current Pass (per line) 2dB