| Whyte Series 5 WM508

The Whyte Series 5 Multiswitch range is designed to be universally flexible and can be used in small, medium and large Integrated Reception Systems (IRS). Whyte Multiswitches can be used as a standalone Multiswitch when powered directly via the 18V Auxiliary Input by using the Whyte 0.8A Power Supply Unit (model WPSU-0.8A).


Instruction Manual
Specification Sheet


Weight: 0.64 kg
Dimensions: 15.7 x 13.8 x 4.3 cm
Frequency: Satellite: 950-2150MHz, Terrestrial 47-790MHz
INPUTS (F-Type Connector): 4 SAT + 1 TERR
OUTPUTS (F-Type Connector): 8 Tap outputs
Gain: SAT: ≥10dB | TERR:≥8dB
Gain Control: SAT : 11+-2dB, TERR : 11+2dB
Isolation: Cross Polar: ≥25dB, Rejection : ≥20dB, Tap-Tap Sat: ≥25dB, Tap-Tap Terr: ≥23dB, Trunk – Trunk: ≥28dB
Output Level: SAT (IMA3 35db): 100dBμv, TERR (IMA3 60db): 90dBμv
Switchable Voltage: 15±0.8V
Trunk Max Current: 2A
Switching Commands: 13V-18V, 13V22k-18V22K
Current Consumption: 180mA max