Whyte Series F - WFTX3-G1 (Wideband Fibre Transmitter VHT)

The Whyte WFTX range of Optical Fibre Transmitters offer an efficient quality solution for Fibre IRS systems. Whyte Optical Transmitters utilise a single laser per input which are multiplexed (CWDM) for a single optical output. This configuration ensures minimum signal degradation. The V and H SAT inputs are compatible with all Wideband LNB’s and will accept any signals within the 290~2340MHz range. The TERR input 47 ~ 862MHz supports FM, DAB and DTT. The WFTX3-G1 features DC in and DC Output, Laser On/Off switches for V, H & TERR, Variable Slope Control for V, H and TERR and Masthead Power switch for enabling/disabling 12V DC at the TERR RF input. The WFTX3-G1 is a three-laser CWDM device.

Dual wideband satellites can be supported using the loop-in loop-out function (two transmitters) WFTX3-G1 and WFTX2-G2 and their matching receivers. Where a Quattro LNB source is required, Transmitters and Receivers are also used in pairs via their optical loop-in loop-out connectivity. Each individual path is supported by Variable Slope Control (VSC) and can be adjusted to present the flattest output for your Fibre IRS system.

When combined with other products from the Whyte Series F range, large scale FTTH (Fibre To The Home), F TTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) and F TTB (Fibre To The Block) Fibre IRS systems can be successfully implemented.


RF Inputs 2x SAT + 1 TERR / 75Ω Female F-Type
Input Frequencies SAT 290 ~ 2340MHz
Input Frequencies TERR 47 ~ 862MHz
RF Input Sequence V, H, T (left to right)
RF Min/Max Input Level SAT 60 ~ 85dBμV
RF Min/Max Input Level TERR 60 ~ 80dBμV
SAT Input Return Loss >10dB
TERR Input Return Loss >8dB
Variable Slope Control SAT 0 (Flat) to 12 ±1dB
Variable Slope Control TERR 0 to 8 ±1dB
RF Input Isolation >30dB (port to port)
RF Input Status Below Min Input LED = Off
Laser type FDA/CDRH Class 1M
Optical Output (SC APC) 1
Optical Wavelengths 1530nm (V), 1570nm (H), 1550nm (T)
Optical Output Power (Per Laser) 9dBm
Optical Output On/Off Switch (per laser)
Optical Output Status LED (per laser)
Maximum Optical Splits x64
DC Supply LNB H & V 18V DC
DC Supply Masthead Power MHP 12V DC (switchable)
DC Input 18V DC
DC Indicator LED On / Off
DC Output (Aux) 18V rated to 2.5A
Consumption 330mA
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 50°C
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 148 x 190 x 36
Weight 1130g

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