Whyte Series F - WFTX2-G2 (Wideband Fibre Transmitter VH)

The WFTX2-G2 is a Wideband SAT only over fibre optic transmitter module designed for use in Whyte RF Over Fibre IRS systems. The WFTX2-G2 Features: Two Laser modules, SC APC Optical Input, SC APC Optical Output, Vertical and Horizontal RF Input, DC in and DC Output, Laser On/Off switches (V & H) and Variable Slope Control (V and H). This is a two-laser CWDM device featuring an optical loop-through so that the WFTX3-G1 and WFTX2-G2 can be linked together enabling two satellites (Wideband) and terrestrial to be sent over one fibre using five laser frequencies, or one Quattro SAT + TERR (also over a single fibre).


RF Inputs 2x SAT / 75Ω Female F-Type
Input Frequencies SAT 290 ~ 2340MHz
RF Input Sequence V, H (left to right)
RF Min/Max Input Level SAT 60 ~ 85dBμV
SAT Input Return Loss >10dB
Variable Slope Control SAT 0 (Flat) to 12 ±1dB
RF Input Isolation >30dB (port to port)
RF Input Status Below Min Input LED = Off
Laser type FDA/CDRH Class 1M
Optical Input (SC APC) 1 For optical input from WFTX3-G1
Optical Output (SC APC) 1
Optical Wavelengths 1490nm (V), 1510nm (H)
Optical Output Power (Per Laser) 9dBm
Optical Output On/Off Switch (per laser)
Optical Output Status LED (per laser)
Maximum Optical Splits x64
DC Supply LNB H & V 18V DC
DC Input 18V DC
DC Indicator LED On / Off
DC Output (Aux) 18V rated to 2.5A
Consumption 240mA
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 50°C
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 148 x 190 x 36
Weight 1100g

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