Whyte Series F - WFRXVHT-G1 (Wideband Fibre Receiver VHT)

WFRXVHT-G1 and WFRXVH-G2 are Wideband Optical Receivers from the Whyte Series F Range. When used with a Whyte Fibre Optic Transmitter, signal degradation between the RF source (the LNB) and the Wideband Optical Receiver is a mere 0.2dB MER. A Tri-colour LED indicator per laser wavelength indicates the optical input status of the receiver.

The Whyte Series F wideband receivers connect directly to all Whyte Series D dSCR Multiswitches and Series 5WB Amplifiers, Taps and Splitters providing a convenient, compact, and robust solution. These wideband fibre receivers are line powered via the SAT outputs.

The WFRXVHT-G1 and WFRXVH-G2 receivers can be linked together (loop-through) enabling two satellites (Wideband) and terrestrial to be received over one fibre using five laser wavelengths, or one Quattro SAT + TERR (also over a single fibre). This configuration requires two Whyte Fibre Optic Transmitters that are also interconnected via the Optical Loop-through.


Optical Input/Output SC APC
RF Outputs 3 (V & H Wideband SAT + TERR)
Optical Wavelengths 1530nm – 1550nm – 1570nm
Frequency Range 47 – 790MHz / 290 – 2340MHz
Optical Input Level 0 ~ -14dBm
Optical Input Levels LED Low, Nominal and High
RF Output Level TERR 76dBμV ±6dB
RF Output Level Wideband SAT 83dBμV ±3dB
RF Return Loss >10dB
RF Output Connector Type 75Ω F Type (Female)
Power Indicator Green LED
DC Supply Via SAT Outputs (18V DC)
Power Consumption Max @ 18V DC 220mA
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 140 x 72 x 38
Weight 354g

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