Whyte Series 5 WB WATS-530WB

The Whyte Series 5 WB Launch Amplifier is a 5 wire Satellite and Terrestrial IRS Launch Amplifier with the option of Quattro or Dual Wideband LNB input.

The Whyte WATS-530WB Series 5 WB Launch Amplifiers may be used for conventional IRS distribution (Quattro LNB) or as part of Wideband IRS System (WB LNB) where up to two wideband LNB’s can be connected to the input.

The Whyte WB Amplifier range can be used as Launch Amplifiers or Line Amplifiers thanks to their flexible powering options.

Powerful 4G/5G filtering provides ultra-high rejection of LTE interference.


Frequency: SAT 290-2340MHz
TERR 87-694MHz
Inputs: 4 SAT + 1 TERR
Outputs: 4 SAT + 1 TERR
Gain: SAT >30dB
TERR >24dB
Gain Control: SAT 15±1dB
TERR 15±1dB
Slope Control: SAT 12±1dB
TERR 8±1dB
4G/5G Switchable Filter: YES
TERR 12V DC Masthead Supply (switchable): 100mA
Input/Output Return Loss: SAT >8dB
Max Output Level SAT: SAT (IMA³ -35dB) EN50083-3 112dBμV
Max Output Level TERR: TERR (IMA³ -60dB) EN50083-5 112dBμV
LNB Power Supply Max: 2A
SAT Trunk DC Pass: YES 2A Max
TERR Trunk DC Pass: NO
Powering: Via DC Input
Via SAT Trunks
Power Consumption: 290mA Max
Dimensions Including Earht Bars (mm): 158 x 150 x 43
Weight: 470g

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