SERIES 5 Multiswitches

The Whyte WM508 | WM512 | WM516 | WM524 | WM532 Multiswitch can be used to create large IRS Systems when used in conjunction with Launch Amplifiers, Taps and Splitters from the Whyte Series 5 range.

WM508 - 8 Way Multiswitch

WM512 - 12 Way Multiswitch

WM516 -16 Way Multiswitch

WM524 - 24 Way Multiswitch

WM532 -32 Way Multiswitch

SERIES 5 Taps & Splitters

Whyte Series 5 Taps & Splitters are a range of 5 wire passive devices that distribute SAT and Terrestrial Signals. The range includes 2 way and 3 way Taps with either a 10dB or 20dB tap off and a 2 way Splitter.

WS52-05 - 2 Way Splitter

WT52-10 - 2 Way 10dB Tap

WT52-20 - 2 Way 20dB Tap

WT53-20 - 3 Way 20dB Tap


The Whyte Series 517 Amplifier are compact and powerful and may be utilised as Launch Amplifiers or Line Amplifiers. They can be powered directly via the 18V Auxiliary Input or line powered via the HH and HL trunk lines.

WATS-517 Launch Amplifier

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