Whyte Series 17 WATS-1730

The Whyte WATS-1730 is a 16 x SAT and 1 x Terrestrial Launch Amplifier that is compact and powerful. It may be utilised as a Launch Amplifier or as a Line Amplifier, and can be powered directly via the 18V Auxiliary Input or line powered via the HH and HL trunk lines. For ease of installation, the WATS-1730 Launch Amplifier can be connected directly to a cascade Series 17 Multiswitches using F-type couplers.


Frequency: SAT 950-2150MHz
TERR 47 - 790MHz
Inputs (F-Type Connector): 16 SAT + 1 TERR
Outputs (F-Type Connector): 16 SAT + 1 TERR
Gain: SAT >30dB
TERR >24dB
Gain Control: SAT 15dB ±2dB
TERR 10dB ±2dB
Slope Control: SAT 8dB ±2dB
TERR 8dB ±2dB
4G Internal Filter: YES
TERR 12V DC Supply (switchable): 100mA
Input/Output Return Loss SAT >8dB
Max Output Level: SAT (IMA³ -35dB) EN50083-3 112dBµV
TERR (IMA³ -60dB) EN50083-5: 112dBµV
LNB Power Supply Max: 2A
Trunk DC Pass: SAT (per trunk) YES 2A Max
Powering: Via DC In YES
Via HL + HH SAT Trunks: YES
Input Earth Terminal Bar: YES
Earth Lug (F-Type connector with clamp): Up to 6mm² core
Power Indication: LED
Power Consumption: 680mA Max
Dimensions including Earth Bars W x L x H (mm): 154 x 274 x 43
Weight: 1054g

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