SERIES 17 Multiswitches

Whyte Series 17 12-Way | 16- Way  is a range of 17 wire Cascading Multiswitches that combines up to 4 different satellites and Terrestrial TV/Radio. Series 17 Multiswitches can be used as standalone multiswitches when powered directly via the 18V Auxiliary input by using a Whyte 2.5A Power Supply Unit (WPSU-2.5A). This range comes fitted with Pro-tap Technology.

WM1712 - 12 Way Multiswitch

WM1716 -16 Way Multiswitch

SERIES 17 Splitters

The Whyte Series 9 Tap & Splitter is a passive device designed to be used with the Whyte Series 9 IRS Multiswitch Range. Comes with 9 F-Type Couplers for quick & easy insertion in to a cascade of Series 9 Multiswitches.

WS172-05 Splitter

PRO-TAP Technology


The Whyte WATS-930 is a 8xSAT and 1xTERR Launch Amplifier that is compact and powerful. It may be utilised as a Launch Amplifier or as a Line Amplifier, and can be powered directly via the 18V Auxiliary input or line powered via the HH and HL lines. For ease of installation, the WATS-930 Launch Amplifier can be connected directly to a cascade of Series 9 Multiswitches using F-Type couplers.

WATS-1730 Launch Amplifier

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