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Whyte Multiswitches &IRS Equipment
NEWS & INFO / Whyte Series 5 IRS
Date Created: 27-11-2019

In today’s technical post we’re taking a look at the Whyte Series 5 range of IRS equipment. Series 5 is a single satellite and terrestrial (and radio) solution for your IRS distribution requirements. This cascadable range of IRS hardware is ideal for installations from multi dwellings apartments to tower blocks to multiple blocks.

Whyte Series 5 Multiswitches comprise of the WM508, WM512, WM516, WM524 and WM532. The WATS-517 (17dB) and WATS-530 (30dB) Launch amplifiers having individual gain and slope control on each input are flexible amplification solutions for larger systems. The Whyte Series D range of dSCR Multiswitches are perfect partners for creating Hybrid IRS.

A comprehensive range of Whyte Taps are available in 1-Way, 2-Way and 3-Way configurations with attenuation choices of 10dB or 20dB that enable the design of large scale IRS distribution networks. Whyte taps also have a low loss -4dB trunk and the option to power your Whyte IRS hardware through the 18V DC input.

The WS52-05 5 Wire splitter completes this range of IRS products giving you the flexibility to expand or neatly terminate your 5-wire IRS network with one of our Multiswitches.

Whyte WSPU-2.5A and WPSU0.8A 18V power supplies provides reliable power for your IRS.

Low power consumption and ease of installation makes Whyte Series 5 the professional installers’ choice.