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Whyte Multiswitches &IRS Equipment
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Date Created: 29-04-2020

DTT UK COM8 recent changes

You may have noticed the recent change to DTT channel 56 (COM8) and this is to facilitate a 1MHz guard band at the top of the channel 56 for new uplink and downlink mobile services in the 700MHz band.

The centre frequency of COM8 was offset downwards and the occupied bandwidth was reduced to 7MHz the FEC has been changed from 2/3 to 1/2 to increase the robustness of this DTT MUX. This can affect the Noise Margin and MER results on your test and measurement equipment, as some models will rely upon 8MHz bandwidth channel plans stored in their memory.

As we face regional challenges regarding the clearance of the 700MHz bandwidth for 5G it is important to select the ideal IRS distribution hardware and at Whyte Technologies were on hand to offer technical help and advice, via phone, web and email.