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Whyte Multiswitches &IRS Equipment
NEWS & INFO / WSCR506 6-Way dSCR shortly joining our product line
Date Created: 24-06-2019

With the new WSCR506 6-Way dSCR shortly joining our product line up, your compact IRS solutions just got even better. In reducing component count and the number of unused terminations Whyte IRS components are the cost effective, high quality solution for demanding installation environments.

Of course all Whyte dSCR's support legacy modes enabling the creation of a wide variety of configurations and also have selectable support for two Wideband LNBs

Whyte Series D and Series 5 IRS components are ideal for multi dwelling environments from small scale residential to apartment blocks with hundreds of dwellings. More information can be found on our products page

Take advantage of our free system planning service to see how Whyte IRS components can provide the IRS distribution solution for your next tender.

If you’re just starting out in IRS or branching into the IRS industry from another installation sector why not check out some of our introductory videos on system planning

Whyte Multiswitches & IRS Equipment