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Whyte Multiswitches &IRS Equipment
NEWS & INFO / WB Taps with Trunk EQ
Date Created: 02-06-2021

What is Trunk EQ?

We are all too aware of the age-old issue of slope. In the case of Taps, the satellite L band spectrum (950 - 2150MHz) becomes increasingly sloped with the addition of each Tap into an IRS trunk. Till now IRS engineers have used slope control that’s built into amplifiers to counteract this, but this can only go so far in correcting the issue. With the introduction of Wideband (WB) LNB’s the issue of slope has been exacerbated as the WB spectrum is, as the name suggests, even wider at 290MHz - 2340MHz!

The disparity of Digital Channel Power (DCP) between transponders in band should not exceed 10dB. Unfortunately, we see more than this level of disparity off-air at the LNB. Add to that the slope incurred and with the addition of each Tap slope can quickly become a major problem.

To address this issue Whyte Technologies created a new range of 5 wire WB/Quattro Taps with Trunk EQ. Developed by Whyte Technologies, Trunk EQ is an inbuilt Trunk Equaliser that provides equal through loss at all frequencies between 290MHz - 2340MHz which results in no slope being introduced.