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Whyte Multiswitches &IRS Equipment
NEWS & INFO / Series 17 multi-satellite IRS solution
Date Created: 19-11-2019

In today’s technical post we’re taking a look at the Whyte Series 17 range of IRS equipment. Series 17 is the ideal multi-satellite solution for your IRS distribution requirements. This cascadable range of IRS hardware provides subscriber access for up to four different satellites via the Series 17 range of Multiswitches. Satellites are selected through the use of DiSEqC commands that are sent from the set top box enabling routing of the correct signal paths to the receiver.

A typical system could have the satellite sources of Astra 2 28.2° East (Sky UK), Arabsat 26° East, Astra-1 19.2° East and Hotbird at 13° East. This system would provide a wide variety of international satellite TV and Radio services in a multitude of languages, many of which are Free To Air (FTA).

Whyte Series 17 Multiswitches comprise of the WM1708, WM1712, WM1716, WM1724 and WM1732. The WATS-1730 Launch amplifier with individual gain and slope control is an ideal solution for larger systems where amplification is required.

The WS172-05 17-Wire splitter completes this range of IRS products giving you the flexibility to expand or neatly terminate your 17-wire IRS network.

Low power consumption and ease of installation makes Whyte Series-17 the installers choice for multi-satellite systems.