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Whyte Multiswitches &IRS Equipment
NEWS & INFO / Ozzas Security - 42 Story IRS System restore
Date Created: 23-06-2020

A 42 stories, fibre to risers, hybrid system which (Whyte Technologies and Ozzas Security) worked closely from planning through to completion.
Whyte Technologies went out on-site to help Ozzas optimise the equipment’s potential making it as cost-effective as possible without any compromise.
Upon winning the contract, Ozzas have installed the system to a very high standard making every effort to receive perfect signals from top to bottom and it is now connected to a 3 other buildings using “Whyte” equipment's.


Testimonial from Ozzas Security Systems LTD

“Ozzas Security systems LTD was appointed to upgrade the IRS System at Stratford Halo Tower for 9 wire system with native Sky Q support.
The main upgrade objectives were to make sure perfect signal delivery for residents, Sky Q support and future-proofing.
We are very happy with the support we received from Whyte Technologies. They have been there for us from the start of IRS planning to site visiting during the whole commission to help to balance the system to its max.”