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Whyte Multiswitches &IRS Equipment
NEWS & INFO / Fixing your mounting
Date Created: 22-07-2019

Last week we began with the basics of selecting the right satellite dish for your IRS installation, let’s move on to fixing, alignment and securing, starting with some general advice on fixing:

Wall Mounting
Fix your satellite dish to a suitable surface, if you have any architectural doubts regarding as to the strength of the materials you’re fixing too get an expert opinion. Ensure your using the appropriate fixings for your surface. For brick this would be nylon rawl plugs and for concrete, steel expansion anchors. Use the correct number of fixings for your mount for even loading. Always drill into the brick or concrete, never the mortar. On rendered surfaces use fixings long enough to grip the wall and not just the render. Never fix a dish to wooden components, even heavy structural parts can be damaged by inappropriate drilling. Ensure your mount is vertical (many phones feature a handy inclinometer app). When tightening the mount apply even pressure to each fixing point, so that the load will be spread as evenly as possible.


Ground Mounting
A non-penetrating ground mount must be used on a flat roof with a cushioning mat to protect the roof surface. An appropriate amount of blocks will be required to weigh the frame down. Your local trade counter will be able to offer advice on the size of frame and number of blocks required. Again ensure your mount is vertical. Spending time on getting a sound fixing right avoids unnecessary call backs.

We’ll be looking in detail at the alignment process in the next technical post.