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Whyte Multiswitches &IRS Equipment
NEWS & INFO / An introduction to IRS hardware requirements
Date Created: 24-09-2019

This week’s technical post introduces IRS hardware requirements and later in this series we will create our schematic diagram using the free Whyte Online System Planning (WOSP). Let’s start with looking at the customer requirements and in this case we’re going to be planning for an apartment block that has thirty six dwellings.

Firstly let’s understand the customers’ requirements, in this example we are tendering for a three floor apartment block that has twelve flats on each floor and each flat requires a Quad Outlet plate for Sky Q, Sky HD/Plus, DTT (UHF) and DAB/FM. This kind of requirement is often referred to as a Hybrid system. dSCRs will be required for the Sky Q set top boxes and in this system were going to use six Series D WSCR506 dSCR Multiswitches. We’ll need a pair on each floor to give us twelve dSCR feeds (as these have six dSCR outputs each). We will also need three 12-Way Multiswitches, Series 5 WM512 to provide our secondary satellite feeds on each floor and this is often referred to as “Legacy”. The equipment count so far is:

6x WSCR506 dSCR Multiswitch

3x WM512 Multiswitch

However, we will need to distribute our sources (SAT, TERR & DAB/FM) to our Multiswitches with so we’ll need the following IRS hardware:

1x WATS-530 30dB Launch Amplifier

1x WT51-10 10dB 1-Way Tap

1x WS52-05 2-Way Splitter

1x WPSU-2.5A 18V DC Power Supply

Of course this is fed by a terrestrial antenna (suitable for your regional DTT transmitter for FreeView) and a satellite dish equipped with a Quattro LNB (VL, HL, VH and HH on separate output ports) and in this case the satellite is Astra 2 at 28.2° east that carries Sky UK (and FreeSat) services.

In next week’s post we going to be looking at these devices in detail and how they go together. We’ll also be covering signal level requirements (IRS Operating Window) and making calculations with regard to signal losses, amplification and power requirements.