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Whyte IRS Equipment Multiswitches



Completing the satellite dish installation

Last week we looked at peaking our satellite dish to obtain the optimum performance for signal le....

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Peaking up your satellite dish

Last week we looked at securing our fixings and preparing for the alignment of your satellite dis....

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Fixing your mounting

Last week we began with the basics of selecting the right satellite dish for your IRS installatio....

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Best practices of satellite dish alignment

Today’s technical post is on the best practices of satellite dish alignment and is one of the m....

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Whyte Technologies the IRS hardware solution

These systems in build show how Whyte Launch Amplifiers, dSCRs, Taps, Splitters and Multiswitches....

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Whyte Technologies RED Compliance Update

We are pleased to announce that the WATS-517 17dB IRS Launch Amplifier and the WATS-930 30dB IRS ....

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